Travel Professionals International | Our Team
We specially select each member of our team for their expertise in particular business and travel industry segments, bringing a combined vast wealth of industry knowledge and experience. This ensures that both our travel agents and their clients have the smoothest travel industry experience possible.

Our team members are always available to help you out. They can be reached via our toll free lines, fax, or e-mail via their contact cards in Tippi, our TPI advisor intranet website.


  • Morris Chia President & CEO

    Morris Chia
    President & CEO

  • Tim Morgan

    Tim Morgan
    Vice President

  • Colton Chia
    Partnerships/Assistant to Vice President


  • Rhonda LaFosse

    Rhonda LaFosse
    National Sales Director

  • Sheila Rempel

    Sheila Rempel
    Regional Sales Manager, Western Canada

  • Linda Khanna

    Linda Khanna
    Regional Sales Manager, Ontario

  • Lisa Geddes

    Lisa Geddes
    Regional Sales & Business Development Manager, Atlantic Canada

  • Leah Smith
    Recruitment Manager

  • Brian Gray

    Brian Gray
    Recruitment Specialist


  • Laura Kwiatkowski

    Laura Kwiatkowski
    Director, Marketing

  • Sheila Henson-Lamirande
    Senior Manager, Marketing & Events

  • Amanda Pereira

    Amanda Pereira
    Coordinator, Marketing & Events


  • Jonny Saunders

    Jonny Saunders
    Senior Manager, Operations

  • Christine Murray

    Christine Murray
    Technology Team

  • Kali Gray

    Kali Gray
    Invoicing Team

  • Holly Bird

    Holly Bird
    Invoicing Team

  • Delynn Deveaux

    Delynn Deveaux
    Invoicing Team

  • Mai Nguyen

    Mai Nguyen
    Invoicing Team (Mat Leave)

  • Glenn Issett

    Glenn Issett
    Distribution Coordinator

  • Cindy Rawluk

    Cindy Rawluk
    Specialty Desk

  • Jean-Paul Lafleche

    Jean-Paul Lafleche
    Specialty Desk

  • Gareth McNulty

    Gareth McNulty
    Technology Support Coordinator

  • Debbie Hildebrant

    Debbie Hildebrant
    Accounting Team

  • Elmarie Arguelles
    Accounting Team

  • Amber Harbun-Ewing

    Amber Harbun-Ewing
    Accounting Team

  • Robyn Lussier

    Robyn Lussier
    Membership Services

  • Lisa Barr

    Lisa Barr
    Supervisor, Inside Sales

  • Judy Downey

    Judy Downey
    Inside Sales

  • Silvana Vincent

    Silvana Vincent
    Inside Sales

  • Emilyn Salvador

    Emilyn Salvador
    Inside Sales


  • Mark Luimes
    Director, Technology


  • Dheeraj Sharma
    Corporate Controller

  • Jeremy Bender

    Jeremy Bender
    Finance Team

  • Marina Zaslavsky

    Marina Zaslavsky