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After working hard, you deserve a service that will deliver commission to your bank account promptly, on time and without hassle.

Our accounting office will be the most valuable resource to you as a travel advisor, and we encourage you to not take the factor of ‘accounting’ lightly in your search of a travel agent network. After all, as the saying goes, ‘a sale is not a sale until there is cash in the bank’.

To ensure that we provide only an excellent service, TPI subjects ourselves to Financial audits from 3rd party regulators to identify any potential issues or non-best practices. Year over year we have passed all checks with flying colors! The proof of 750+ happy advisors for 25 years proves it also!

Sales Tracking

You receive an updated daily tracking report of your sales, so you benchmark your performance and succeed to meet your goals.

Credit Card Acceptance

Selling travel involves a lot of supplier specific banking operations spanning the globe. Making and receiving payments all come with working with the banking industry in wire-transfers, cheque requisitions, drafting etc. TPI’s accounting team navigates the banking waters on your behalf so you can stay focused on operating your business, planning travel for your clients and making a living.

Bitcoin Payment Acceptance

We don’t live in 2014 anymore! Bitcoin is quickly becoming a tendered form of payment. TPI has developed proprietary software that will enable you to receive Bitcoin payment and mitigate the risk of the volatile exchange rate. This opens you to an entirely new market segment that most other Travel agent networks are just ignoring.

Commission Application Frequency

Sure, it is great that you are having an excellent year of sales, but when will you get paid? With TPI you can opt in to receive your hard-earned commission bi-weekly or monthly. Work hard, get paid.

USD Commission

Some agents sell significant volume of travel for US suppliers and commission is received in US. We aren’t a Travel Agent Network who will subject you to foreign exchange fees or take any sneaky % from what you deserve. You can opt-in to receive the USD commission to your USD bank account.

Virtual Credit Cards

Sometimes due to time constraints Suppliers need to be paid right away. Other Travel Agent networks subject their agents to a policy that means supplier payments must be a few days out to allow ample processing and paperwork. TPI enables our advisors to avail of a Virtual Credit Card program which enables follow through on short notice travel opportunities for your clients. Don’t be limited by paperwork, be free with TPI.

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