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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you better than the “other” ones out there? Why choose TPI?

With TPI, you receive the freedom and support to be the travel advisor or agency that you want to be. Our network of over 850+ travel agents is backed by our travel, technology, training and marketing specialists in our head office and regional offices, over 40 dedicated staff to help you with your new business – making sure you have the support you need to achieve success. Ongoing live & recorded webinars exclusive for our TPI advisors.  Directors of Sales for each region to help you grow your business.

Our turn-key accessibility, respected industry connections, personalized services and tools, and dedicated support are the reasons why TPI stands out as the best independent travel agent organization in the country.

Aren’t travel agents going out of business due to online competitors?

No, in fact, the “home based” industry now is continuing to grow every year, many clients that had tried booking online on their own have decided that they do need a “travel professional”

The retail landscape has changed and clients are looking for more personalized service & want up to date information on the destinations, hotels, travel advisories. They want a travel professional who will be an advocate for them in the event there is an issue with their vacation.

​Clients no longer have the time to spend countless hours online looking for the right property or destination. Being part of this growing industry allows you to provide a service and expertise clients are looking for.  Ongoing training keeps you up to date on the industry trends.

​Booking with a travel professional is no more expensive than booking online. This is a big misconception. Also, the additional value of your time and expertise added to holiday plans will far outweigh any small price difference, if there is one.

Does it cost more to book with a travel agent?

​Booking with a travel professional is no more expensive than booking online. This is a big misconception. Also, the additional value of your time and expertise added to holiday plans will far outweigh any small price difference, if there is one.

What is included in the minimum monthly support fee?

This tax deductible monthly fee includes our Head Office support by toll free phone, live chat or through our support ticket system answering all of your questions & mentoring you to assist you in finding the right information for your prospective clients. Collectively our team who is answering your questions has over 100 years of experience combined.  Also included is the Sabre GDS System which includes booking engines for all inclusives, cruises, air & hotels. ClientBase data management system which assists you in marketing to your prospective clients & is an invoice system in itself.  We also give you your own personalized TPI template website with lots of content provided plus the ability to personalize for your own specialties.

Do you help me market?

Yes, TPI makes marketing easy for you. We have a comprehensive marketing support system including assistance with your introduction to prospective clients, target marketing, group travel, trade show programs. We also assist with your personalized TPI template websites including weekly exclusive promotions, contests, blogs. For Facebook we do numerous postings weekly on your site (with your permission) to help you generate new clients & close sales- content always fresh & it is managed for you. We also have customized email & mail out consumer offers for your clients & prospects by you simply coding your clients once in our marketing database.

How do I find clients?

During your initial training you will learn about the unlimited amount of Free resources available to you to help promote yourself and your new travel business starting with your introductory email. The opportunities right in your community and your circle of influence are endless, and you can sell travel to anyone, anywhere in the world. 


During your initial training and beyond we will teach you how to direct market, network and build your clientele by utilizing the tools that TPI provides.

How do I get paid?

You are paid by commission for all of your travel bookings. You choose whether to be paid monthly or bi weekly and it is done by direct deposit right into your bank account. Your commission reports are updated daily so that you can track your progress for each pay period.


Commissions are paid to advisors as soon as they are received in our accounting department by the travel suppliers, generally close to the date that the client travels. 


For more information on the commission structures, please contact us by click ‘contact’ top menu.

How do the commissions work?

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Do I have a booking engine?

We encourage you to qualify and counsel your prospective clients individually however this is an additional option you can include on your personalized template website for $30 monthly and this allows your clients to book all inclusive holidays, air, hotels and you earn your same commission.  You instantly get their booking details and can offer after sales service to these clients, offer additional travel products and personalize their travel experience with you.

Can I book people outside my province or country?

Yes, you can book travel for anyone, anywhere in Canada. Some restrictions may apply when booking clients outside of Canada. Our support team can assist you with this when needed.


TPI works with hundreds of tours companies, cruise lines and travel suppliers from across the world so wherever and however your clients wish to travel, you will be able to book it right from your home office using our systems.

Can two people join together?

Yes they can. If you are interested in this please contact us to find out more details.

What happens if I go away – who takes care of my business?

We have a vacation relief department that will take care of your business while away. There are processes in place which you will review with our Head Office prior to your vacation.

Do I need a license?

Depending on the province you live in there are different regulations which your Recruitment Manager will discuss with you.  We assist you in completing what is required in your province.

Do you have a health benefit package?

Yes we do, we have a wellness package which you can purchase. You choose the type of coverage you need.

What are the next steps?

Contact us by clicking on the ‘join our network’ option from the website menu! We’d love to review any questions you have, ensure that we can provide you the best foot forward and walk you through next steps. If you wish to keep moving ahead after our initial conversation, we’ll help you fill in the paperwork electronically and can have you up and running in a week!

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