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Marketing & Events

TPI’s comprehensive marketing support system ensures that you remain ahead of the competition and in the minds of your clients.

Automated Marketing

Every sale begins as a lead. Branding, marketing, nurturing leads can all take a lot of time and experience to get right! Our TPI marketing tools allow you to sign up and allow TPI to take care of your Email, Facebook and Website content marketing. An exclusive tool developed by TPI for TPI agents. Sign up and give yourself more time to spend time making sales. TPI handles your digital marketing for you weekly.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials can be such a stress and easily rank up the expenses. Don’t join a network that doesn’t give you what you need. TPI provides access to traditional and digital marketing materials. As an agent you have access to magazines, posters, email and website templates and more.

Networking Opportunities & Events

We say the people of TPI are the pulse and we love to connect to each other. Peer to peer support, learning, selling and growing business. Read more about the different opportunities and events below.

Brainshare & Forums

TPI’s very own forums allow agents to connect, ask each other advice and share best practices. With over 850+ travel advisors in our network, the collective experience and expertise makes these forums a wealth of business and world travel knowledge. Want to know the best hotel in South America for a party of two? Ask one of our team and get personal reviews from fellow travel agents.

Virtual Meetings

Monthly regional meetings connect you with other advisors in your region where you can discuss market trends. Quarterly town halls allow you to see the bigger picture of the travel industry in Canada, stay informed so you can better craft your strategy for success.


As a TPI agent you have access to the most renowned Canadian Travel Agent gathering with over 200 advisors, suppliers and travel industry experts gathered to learn, network and celebrate the industry, usually at an overseas resort – TPI Conference.


TPI comes to you. In the spring of each year TPI head office arranges networking and learning events in the major cities across Canada. We love to stay connected and help you grow your business; our summit events are high return on investment events that connect you with the successful strategies of tomorrow.

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