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Many join a Travel Network due to commission levels, but most will leave due to not receiving the level of support they need. TPI has the longest travel agent retention rate in Canada with some travel advisors being with us for over 24 years.

We take support seriously, and consider it part of our organization’s lifeblood. Tracking each touch point a staff member has with an advisor, we have created service level standards which our employees are benchmarked against to ensure you receive the level of support you deserve.

“I love TPI, because TPI loves me”
Peter Rocker-TPI Advisor

“I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the team of TPI walking beside by business, helping me grow”
Gloria Minesworth-TPI Advisor

“I always wished to be amongst the top 10, and now I am because of TPI”
Lois Armstrong-TPI Advisor

TPI Solutions

You need an area where you can get support when you need it. TPI Solutions is our easy-to-navigate collection of advice, best practices and ‘where to go’ place when you need help as a travel advisor. You have access to directed support tickets, forums, live chat, supplier contact information and more.

Vacation Relief

We know you don’t just like to sell travel, but you also like to travel yourself! When you want to take some time off, or vacation yourself, TPI will take care of your business with our Advisor Vacation Relief service. Letting you kick back and put your feet up…


If you have never sold travel before as an advisor, we bet that you have lots of questions! Don’t worry, we developed a self-paced onboarding training program that you can take in your own stride. Re-watch, re-learn and renew your new skills anytime. Our program includes, and not limited to: Niche Ideas, Suppliers, Insurance, Invoicing, Technology, Sales, Marketing and more.

Travel Knowledge

Everyone needs a mentor and someone to follow who is one step ahead. TPI has a network of travel experts averaging with over 10 years travel selling experience each, who are at your fingertips when you need it. The people are the pulse of TPI and our travel knowledge experts are the most in demand resource utilized by our advisors.

Licensing & Legal

Insurance, IATA, TICO, CPBC, Errors & Omissions, Invoice compliance, CTC – don’t worry our membership services team walks with you, setting you up with the necessary paperwork and legal to sell travel and be considered a Travel Advisor. TPI – got you covered.

Health Insurance

Want to sell travel and keep all your teeth! TPI Health Insurance is an opt in program, available to take care of you and your family for medical needs.

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