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The tools you use can either contribute or hold back/slow down your success. We understand that because technology changes and advances so fast, it can be hard to keep up, so we make it easy for you. TPI is strongly committed to bringing you the latest and most effective tools in the travel industry, all-the-while making them easy to use so you don’t have to deal with huge learning curves to facilitate your success.


Built from the ground up and tailored specifically for TPI travel advisors is our industry-leading online portal called Lynx. It is the one destination that our advisors go to access all of TPI’s tools and services. All of our information is securely stored and encrypted, but easily accessible to a TPI advisor.


One location to manage all your marketing channels; TPI’s exclusive Lynx Marketing allows you to post professional and lucrative/innovative/timely/relevant/exciting marketing content to your Facebook business page, client’s email and to your website with one simple click of a button. Developed by TPI specifically for our advisors, this tool rivals some of the best paid marketing services available in the marketplace today.

You can also opt-in to allow TPI Head Office to manage all of your Facebook, client email and website content marketing. Thus, you can sit back, focus on sales and allow us to care for your content creation on your behalf. TPI handles your digital marketing for you weekly.

Customer Relationship Management

ClientBase is the industry standard for managing your client relationships and travel plans. Manage your proposals, upcoming trips, scheduled groups and invoice your sales all from the licensed ClientBase product.


Your TPI website is your storefront, your receptionist and your salesperson all rolled into one dynamic package. Because TPI understands that websites are never really complete, we strive to offer our advisors the best technical development and infrastructure; allowing you to concentrate on making the sale!

Our EasyManage system makes managing your website a manner matter of answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a series of simple questions; using a drag and drop interface. Your TPI website content can be personalized; while still maintaining brand standards.

We also have numerous auto-content generating services, ensure that your website has the latest promotions and content without you having to make any effort once you are set up.

Global Distribution System

TPI offers you full access to Sabre’s world-class GDS and travel marketplace. Whether you are an experienced agent who loves the traditional “blue screen” or are just starting out in the industry; Sabre offers both command-driven and graphical workflows allowing all levels of experience to work efficiently and profitably. Sabre’s global network of airlines, hotels, cruises, cars and vacation packages puts the world at your fingertips. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are here to help anyone wanting to learn Sabre or transition from another GDS.

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